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If  you have love ones receiving medical care or if you are under medical, here some interesting facts you may want to know. Every year 440,000 people are killed by preventable medical errors. Every day 1,100 drug mistakes are made. Over 20 % of health care consummers have reported discrimination and lack of respect from healthcare providers. Healthcare facilities, local and Federal agencies run quality control, but have you ever received a report regarding your loved ones or about your stay at any facilities?​ Do you need someone to do professional visits to your loved-oned while they are at a healthcare facility?


Meet our team. We have a dedicated team of Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Technologists, and healthcare professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in hospitals, home health, short and long-term facilties. 


Solutions. We are not legal consultants. Our main goal is to optimize care by educating the customers and the provider. We acheive our goal by utilizing recent studies about drugs, evidence-based research, latest healthcare technology, site visits, and charts review. A confidential report is prepared  for the customer when the review is complete. We do not prepare reports for litigations; we are dedicated to improve care by identifying issues before they become a problem.   

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